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JCM Settlement Data

Active Flowgates All active market-to-market flowgates as defined in the MISO-PJM Joint Operating Agreement (see instructions below).

Firm Flow Entitlements Hourly Firm Flow Entitlements (FFE) for every flowgate defined in the MISO-PJM Joint Operating Agreement. FFEs are the maximum net market flows that the non-monitoring RTO can have without incurring M2M charges. These flow entitlements along with the actual market flows and monitoring and non-monitoring RTO constraint shadow prices are the inputs into the market-to-market settlement calculation. Actual flows and RTO shadow prices are contained in the Market-to-Market Settlement file (see instructions below).

Settlements - Hourly MISO-PJM market-to-market settlement data for every flowgate that had coordinated operation during the reporting period.

Settlement Adjustments All settlement adjustments are posted here, and there are additional reporting requirements consistent with JCM notification criteria:

  1. Adjustment less than $500,000: this website posting is the sole notification
  2. Adjustment greater than $500,000 and less than $1,000,000: notification made at each RTO’s stakeholder meetings
  3. Adjustment greater than $1,000,000: notification made at JCM stakeholder meeting


For list of active flowgates or firm flow entitlement data:

  1. Click on Active M2M Flowgates or Firm Flow Entitlements link
  2. Report Type: Select Market to Market from the pull-down menu
  3. Report Name: Flowgates, FFE (or blank to return all market-to-market reports)
  4. Publish Date: and To: Specify desired date range
  5. Search to return files

For settlement or resettlement data:
  1. Visit PJM's Market to Market Coordination web page.
  2. Under Settlements, download PJM-MISO Joint and Common Settlements.
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