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    Queue Studies

    PJM and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator conduct interconnection studies as needed to determine if a queue request could impact each other’s transmission system. These joint studies are conducted in addition to the studies PJM and MISO already perform to evaluate the impact of a project to its own system.

    These studies are conducted in accordance to provisions in PJM and MISO manuals as well as their respective Tariffs. Below are listings of the queue requests which are included in those coordinated study groups as well as the results of those coordinated studies.

    The initial posting material below represents the projects identified for review to determine if a coordinated study will be completed.  The final reports contain the list of projects selected to study and the results of those studies.

    PJM Manual M14A (PDF)
    MISO Business Practice Manuals (PDF)

    The affected systems study results are found in the impact studies on MISO’s Generation Interconnection Queue and PJM’s New Services Queue pages.

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