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JCM Contour Map

*Disclaimer: The data and prices provided on this page are preliminary and should not be relied upon for settlement or other purposes. The MISO and PJM Interconnection make no representations or warranties regarding the correctness or accuracy of the data and prices provided on this page and shall not be responsible for any party's reliance on any such data or prices.

The LMP Contour map below provides a real-time map of the MISO / PJM footprint showing selected Commercial Pnodes, with their respective LMP values. Each Commercial Pnode is represented as a circle with the regional color dependent on the price. The map and the table will automatically refresh every 5 minutes to show the updated information.

Interactive LMP map below requires free SVG 3.0 plug-in. Please install the plug-in if you do not see the LMP map.

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